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raves, rants, and reviews

Hamlet's Mill
Giorgio di Santillana and Hertha Von Deschend


a must read.  Brilliant work.  Hard to read, but plow on through.  By now a classic, if something can be a classic in a field that doesn't quite exist yet.  Both authors were widely respected scholars and this book has influenced scholars in several fields, including archaeoastronomy, geoarchaeology, anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, and mythology.

my copy of Hamlet's Mill looks like this -


moe keale

Aloha Is...A part of me, a part of you
Moe Keale

pure Hawaiian, purely fabulous.
Uncle Moe Keale passed away in 2002, but he left his music, and this recording is pure Moe. 



Smoke Signals
Chris Eyre, director
Sherman Alexie, writer

rent it, watch it.