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catasterize - to turn or be turned into a star or constellation or other celestial object, such as is said to have happened to Orion, the Argonaut's boat Argo, Maui's Fishhook, and the Great Bear.



the planets are gods

never mind about your religion right now - that's not what we're talking about.  The planets are gods - this is the language of myth.  The planets "wander" in separate courses through the night sky, passing through constellations, crossing one another's paths and sometimes seeming to turn back upon their own trails or to cross the face of the sun.

the constellations are the people, beings, raiment, weapons, chariots, steeds, and boats with whom/which the gods have their adventures

and the world's myths and sacred tales are stories of the skies.


and on the earth natural sites were adapted and man-made sites erected to worship, track, and communicate with the heavens
and to teach the arts of healing, prophecy, navigation, carving, warfare, recitation and story telling, dance, midwifery, planting, fishing, hunting, weaving and clothmaking, shelter-building, and the history and knowledge of the people
and the stories we call myths relate the events and places on earth to the stories of gods and stars in the sky
as above, so it is below

birth of a star - photo courtesy of NASA

chumash pictograph, carrizo plains, california
believed to represent a solar eclipse

kohelepelepe, koko crater, o`ahu, hawai`i
where a goddess threw a lure to distract a lusty pig-man god

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